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Easter Seminar 2013 in Grou

  This year the westfrisian minority FYK invited us to the easterseminar to Grou. The Rökefloose drove to westfriesland with Jenny Jürgensen, Berit Nommensen, Marlene Christiansen, Sieke Peters and the newbie Svenja Schüle. The theme of the seminar was Connext!, to... Lees mähr →

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New Years Eve Party 2011

As already in 2010, the Rökefloose had again the idea to celebrate and say goodbye to the year 2011 with a great and joyful party. There came many guests from near and far to celebrate this event, one guest even came... Lees mähr →

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Tour to Hamburg Dungeon

On Sunday December 11 the Rökefloose invited brave Frisians to take part in a journey to the Hamburg Dungeon. Eleven youngsters, who were not afraid, stood strong against the evil forces. At 9 o´clock the trip started from Risum-Skole and arrived... Lees mähr →

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In summer 2011 Rökefloose organised a trip to Skærbæk to live it up on the Go-Kart tracks. On the August 12 at 9:30 the journey began. The drive to Skærbæk seemed to be quick, thanks to funny anecdotes  and lots of... Lees mähr →

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Spiders and other earthlings in Bautzen

Under the direction of the Sorbian spider gang („Pawk“ in English spider) this years Youth Leader Seminar 2011 was organized in Bautzen. The hosts have stoped at no trouble to provide a diverse program and to give everybody of the approx.... Lees mähr →

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Minorities and tourism

In July, the Northschleswigans invited to an exchange on the island of Rømø with the topic ”Between culture and commerce – Minorities and tourism”. Here the Rökefloose discussed together with Kashubians, South Tyroleans, Sorbs, Burgenland Croats and the Northschleswigans whether tourism... Lees mähr →