What is Rökefloose?

The first logo of the Rökefloose

The name „Rökefloose“ is put together out of the words „rök“ (crow) and „floose“ (group). The crow is a holy bird in the frisian mythology and long time ago, it was showed on frisian flags. The name expresses the self understanding of the organisation. „Rök“ stands for the old frisian traditions and „floose“ is a indication for the community, the group builds.

The organisation consists mainly of young people and it encourages children and young adults to speak frisian as a everyday language. The goal is simply to keep the language alive by getting young people to know it and to give young people who already speaks frisian a chance to speak it with peers in their spare time.

We try to achieve this goal through activities like sports, cultural activities, journeys, parties and similar. At this activities, the frisian language is spoken as much as possible.