Easter Seminar 2013 in Grou

  This year the westfrisian minority FYK invited us to the easterseminar to Grou. The Rökefloose drove to westfriesland with Jenny Jürgensen, Berit Nommensen, Marlene Christiansen, Sieke Peters and the newbie Svenja Schüle. The theme of the seminar was Connext!, to wich there were offered four workshops. In the programme offered something for everbody. On sunday we went to a church, where the sermon was in English, German and Westfrisian. Later that day we were inviteted on a boattrip through the channels around Grou and in addition there were a... Lees mähr →

New Years Eve Party 2011

As already in 2010, the Rökefloose had again the idea to celebrate and say goodbye to the year 2011 with a great and joyful party. There came many guests from near and far to celebrate this event, one guest even came all the way from Carinthia. Once again Raclette was served  and once again we disguised as Crows to enjoy the traditional “Rummelpottlaufen” in the streets of Risum. Since we left quite late, we unfortunately didn’t manage to stop by every house in town. At midnight the new year was... Lees mähr →

Tour to Hamburg Dungeon

On Sunday December 11 the Rökefloose invited brave Frisians to take part in a journey to the Hamburg Dungeon. Eleven youngsters, who were not afraid, stood strong against the evil forces. At 9 o´clock the trip started from Risum-Skole and arrived in Hamburg three hours later. We were full of anticipation for the upcoming event. Luckily, due to a prior registration there was no waiting time for us. After we passed the gates, an elevator was already waiting for us. This one brought us to the abyss of Hamburg. All... Lees mähr →


In summer 2011 Rökefloose organised a trip to Skærbæk to live it up on the Go-Kart tracks. On the August 12 at 9:30 the journey began. The drive to Skærbæk seemed to be quick, thanks to funny anecdotes  and lots of music. Upon arrival an introduction by the employers was given, who explained the proper way of handling a go-kart. Since the tracks were quite wet, there were a few things had to be respected, so that there would come no water in the Airbox. After the introduction the joy... Lees mähr →

Spiders and other earthlings in Bautzen

Under the direction of the Sorbian spider gang („Pawk“ in English spider) this years Youth Leader Seminar 2011 was organized in Bautzen. The hosts have stoped at no trouble to provide a diverse program and to give everybody of the approx. 70 participants with different cultural backgrounds an extraordinary experience. To get a feeling of the location the seminar started with a city tour, where everybody had the possibility to experience the 138 steps in one of the many towers in Bautzen. Amongst others the most important Sorbian institutions, such... Lees mähr →

Minorities and tourism

In July, the Northschleswigans invited to an exchange on the island of Rømø with the topic ”Between culture and commerce – Minorities and tourism”. Here the Rökefloose discussed together with Kashubians, South Tyroleans, Sorbs, Burgenland Croats and the Northschleswigans whether tourism is good for the minorities and how the minority can attract. Fun was always included with the approximately 30 young people from Europe, beach sailing, horse-drawn carriage and the Wadden Sea were on the program.

„Minorities in Europe – between European participation and preservation of ethnic identity“

In Hanover this summer, a new minority project was started, which originates from the majority. The seminar, which took place in Stephansstift, the Center for Adult Education, will serve as a prelude for a network that connects not only the minorities themselves, but also the minorities with the majority. At the seminar not only Frisians, but also Kashubians from Poland, Germans from Hungary and the German minority in Belgium were represented. The seminar begun with presentations by the minority groups and discussions about how to define a minority and hereafter... Lees mähr →

Singing for Amateurs – Voices of Europe 2011 in Fryslân

This years Voices of Europe took place between 29 sheep, 2 horses and a breeze of fresh countryside air in Engelum/Ingelum in Fryslân. For one week the 30 motivated participants went in single file to the church of Ingelum early in the morning. The choir practiced daily in the church. In a few days the choir group had to learn several songs. The idea was that every participating minority would bring a song in their language from their home region. The biggest challenge was to proper pronounce the Kashubian song... Lees mähr →

New Years Eve 2010

To close the old year and to proper celebrate the upcoming new year, the idea came up to organize a border-crossing event together with the Germans from Denmark and the Danes from Germany. The provided food was served in the form of a Raclette and to kick of with a good start, small party games were distributed among the guests. Naturally, a typical Frisian new years eve party would need the traditional friction drum running through the village. Quickly the guests transformed themselves into a group of crows (Rökefloose) with... Lees mähr →

Güle güle – A North Frisian in Istanbul

Minorities in Turkey, October 2010. In between Europe and Asia lies the capital of culture 2010: Istanbul. Chaotic and without any plan millions of people are trying to thread their way through the city. In the middle of everything a little North Frisian tries to settle in. Without any perceptible success. Ah… there comes a helpful German Turk and orders two cups of tea for us. Sometimes it seems like the Turks are drinking more tea than the East Frisians, though this claim is open to question. Anyhow… The tea... Lees mähr →

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