gokartIn summer 2011 Rökefloose organised a trip to Skærbæk to live it up on the Go-Kart tracks. On the August 12 at 9:30 the journey began. The drive to Skærbæk seemed to be quick, thanks to funny anecdotes  and lots of music.
Upon arrival an introduction by the employers was given, who explained the proper way of handling a go-kart. Since the tracks were quite wet, there were a few things had to be respected, so that there would come no water in the Airbox. After the introduction the joy could finally begin. Due to the wet tracks, it took some time for the participants to manage and get used to the course. Except a few wrong turns and journes into the gravel trap, everything went well. Injuries were there of course not.
The tour was so successful that one of the pupils made it to his hobby. On the way home the participants enjoyed a small snack and discussed about the future project of the Rökefloose.

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