Tour to Hamburg Dungeon

dungeonOn Sunday December 11 the Rökefloose invited brave Frisians to take part in a journey to the Hamburg Dungeon. Eleven youngsters, who were not afraid, stood strong against the evil forces. At 9 o´clock the trip started from Risum-Skole and arrived in Hamburg three hours later. We were full of anticipation for the upcoming event. Luckily, due to a prior registration there was no waiting time for us.
After we passed the gates, an elevator was already waiting for us. This one brought us to the abyss of Hamburg. All together the Dungeon was more fun than scary, most scared was actually one of the supervisors.
Since the miniature-wonderland wasn’t that far away and we still had plenty of time we decided to have a look at the diverse railway landscape. There was enough to see to spend the whole day, but to hours were enough to get a rough overview. Around five o`clock we were back at the cars and started the journey home. The trip to Hamburg got a positive feedback by the participants. One has to wonder where we might take you next…

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