Et Ailönj teelt – the island calls

Et Ailönj teelt – the island calls This call was followed by 13 young North Frisians and North Schleswigans who came to the beautiful North Sea island Amrum for five days. We stayed in a hostel in the middle of the dunes just a few meters from the beach. One of our program points was an intensive bike tour with an islander who showed us the sights of his home island. At any attraction he gave us both competent, as well as interesting historical and cultural background infomation. Another highlight... Lees mähr →

YLS 2010 i Bleiburg/Austria

Jenny Jürgensen, Hiltje Boysen and Jana Ewaldsen were on their way the 13th September of 2010 to YLS by JEV in Bleiburb/Pilberk. First we drove to the airport of Hamburg so we could fly to Wien. From Wien we took the long journey with the train to Blieburg. Later came also other Frisians, like Momme and Berit Nommensen, to seminar in autumn. We lived in the “Campus Futura“ a very friendly hostel. So our attendant got a modern and amusing accommodation. Our seminar had the slogan “We do not fear”,... Lees mähr →

Easter Seminar 2010 in Ohrid, Macedonia

On the 27th of March we (Jenny, Berit, Hiltje, Jana) started the journey to the distant Macedonia for the Easter Seminar of the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN). We were staying in a luxury hotel with spectacular views of Lake Ohrid and the mountains beyond. The seminar was under the slogan „Living Minorities – Models of Diversity“ and gave us insight into the special situation and specifics of minorities in the Balkans. There was further offered a workshop on „leadership and sustainability of minority youth organisations“, which was accomplished very... Lees mähr →

Surfexchange 2009

From the 31st of July till the 7th of August the Junge SPitzen invited to an surf exchange for the first time in the history of European national and autochthon minorities. Among the 30 participants were Romansh people, Kashubians, Burgenland Croats, Aromanians, North Frisians, South Schleswigans and some North Schleswigans. They were all gathered with the motto „Surfing Europe 2009“, in the nice little town of Schelde in northern Schleswig. Not only the cultural exchange was in focus, but also one or the other surfing skill was astonishing. The surfing... Lees mähr →

Easterseminar 2009 in Modra/Slowakia

After our flight from Hamburg to Vienna and our bus trip to Bratislava we have been guided by a very careful bus driver to our bus to Modra. Finally we arrived at our accommodation in Modra which is located in the largest wine region of Slowakia. On the next day we went to a former government building close to Modra in order to celebrate anniversary of 25 years YEN and 60 years FUEN together with the official guests. Furthermore every youth organisation had the possibility to present its minority and... Lees mähr →

Snowexchange 2009

Before going to the Snowexchange, I enjoyed a few days in Switzerlands secret capital Zurich. Together with Fabs from SDU I took the train to Waltensburg/Vuorz, which is a small town in the real mountains of Gaubunden, in the south of Switzerland. Also the westfrisians took the same train. However we first realized that after arriving in Vuorz. Before taking the bus to our camp, it was time for a small chat and some drinks in the local bar. After arriving, everyone went for a small nightwalk, where we where... Lees mähr →

Biike 2009

As every year on the 21st of February in Northfrisia, young and old met to celebrate Biikebrånen in Risum-Lindholm, the annual Frisian festivity. Traditionally the fire was enlightened at 7pm at the Üülje Browäi in Lindholm. The special highlight of this years Biike was the Maddelålder Floose, a group practicing medieval times, who walked with torches from the center of Risum to the Biike to enlighten the fire. Even though the weather wasn’t that nice, Frisians call it Biike weather, people were singing and enjoying the fire. And as always... Lees mähr →

Footballgame against the Sorbs

From the 15th – 17th August 2008 the Northfrisian womens national footballteam together with management, equipment boss and Sibylle, the woman from the navigation software went to a town near Bautzen to visit the Sorbian minority. In connection with the Voices of Europe which was located in Räckelwitz at this time, a Football game between Sorbian and Frisian girls took place. It was an exciting game even though the “friendly game” was taken serious by the Sorbian girls. On the last minute of the game the referee decided 2:1 for... Lees mähr →

Added Value of Minorities

PRESS RELEASE With huge success the largest European minority youth organisation, the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) carried through its Whitsun Seminar 2008 in the Danish town of Gravenstein/Gråsten from 7-12 May. The hosts of the seminar with over 120 participants from all over Europe were Junge SPitzen and DJN – Deutscher Jugendverband für Nordschleswig. Both organisations represent the German minority from south Denmark in YEN. The purpose of the seminar was amongst other things to raise awareness for the added value of minorities. The basis for this action was... Lees mähr →

Youth Leader Seminar 2007

Also this time the Rökefloose was at the YLS (Youth Leader Seminar) 2007 on the island of Skylge at our friends and hosts from the Westfrisian minority. The seminar was from the 16th – 21st of October and we (Marlene and Berit) where two of 73 people from 17 different European countries. This years theme was: `Minority = / ≠ Island`. Hence we got a lot to know about the Westfrisian language and their work with the tourism, school (trilingual) and the actual media situation. The Westfrisians achieved to build... Lees mähr →

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